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Activity Description

Registration Instructions

  1. Click here to register. You will be registering for this program through the CME California portal.
  2. Choose the yellow "Select" button on the top right to sign up.
  3. When asked for a log in, please register for an account using the blue “Create an Account” button in the center of the page.
  4. Select the orange “Continue” button to proceed with your registration for this event
  5. Review the activity instructions and take the pre-activity survey.
  6. Keep the main activity window open while you review the activity. Return when you are finished reading the monograph to take the post-test and evaluation and receive your certificate.

Once you have registered for this activity in CME California, you may close out and return to finish viewing or take your assessments at any time.
To return later, visit http://cmecalifornia.com, log in and select “Curriculum” from the left menu bar. Click on the activity name and you can proceed where you left off. Please note that you must complete the pre and post-test as well as the evaluation to receive credit for this activity.
Once you have completed this activity and received your certificate, you may return at any time to print your certificate. Click on “Transcript” on the left menu bar and select the certificate for this activity.

Download Monograph

If you would like to access this monograph without credit, please click here to download.

If you would like to receive credit, please follow the directions above to access the activity through the CMECalifornia.com web portal.


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