UC San Diego Continuing Medical Education (CME) is committed to creating a healthy and sustainable environment.

Our “green CME” initiative pursues and utilizes practices that will use less energy and natural resources. Use none, use less and reuse is our philosophy.

By offering and utilizing “green” alternatives, we help to protect our natural resources.

Some of the current ecological practices that we have in place are as follows:

  • Using USB key drives to hold paper-intensive educational materials such as syllabi and abstract books
  • Creating websites and e-mail blasts in place of printing brochures or postcards
  • Using postcards to drive business to a website instead of producing brochures
  • When a brochure is necessary, we print using soy-based inks, print on paper that contains recycled or post-consumer waste (PCW) and purchase paper that is ethically managed
  • Reusing signage, if possible, from year to year
  • Encouraging the recycling of name badge holders, lanyards and writing utensils after a meeting has adjourned
  • Using recycled copy and printer paper

UC San Diego CME encourages you to support our “green CME” movement by taking advantage of our responsible and eco-friendly practices and resources. We also welcome all suggestions and ideas that you have regarding new or alternative ways in which we can embrace the “green” movement.

For more information on UC San Diego’s campus-wide sustainability initiative, visit UC San Diego Sustainability.

Additional eco-conscious resources:

Green Your Office

The California Center for Sustainable Energy

The San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership