Organizing Committee

Jan Albert, PhD, Karolinska University Hospital

John Coffin, PhD, Tufts University

Emma Hodcroft, PhD, University of Edinburgh

Andrew Leigh-Brown, PhD, University of Edinburgh

Thomas Leitner, PhD, Los Alamos National Laboratories

Marcia Kalish, PhD, Vanderbilt University

Sergei Kosakovsky Pond, PhD, University of California, San Diego

Angela McLean, PhD, Oxford University

Viktor Müller, PhD, Eötvös Loránd University

James Mullins, PhD, University of Washington, Seattle

Alan Perelson, PhD, Los Alamos National Laboratories

Doug Richman, MD, University of California, San Diego

Morgane Rolland, PhD, US Military HIV Research Program

Paul Sharp, PhD, University of Edinburgh

Simon Travers, PhD, South African National Bioinformatics Institute

Steven Wolinsky, MD, Northwestern University

Michael Worobey, PhD, University of Arizona, Tucson

Local Organizing Committee

Ana Abecasis, Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Lisbon

Ruy Ribeiro, University of Lisbon

Ana Espada da Sousa, Unversity of Lisbon

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