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The 25th Butters-Kaplan West Coast Neuropsychology conference will examine new tools and methods in pediatric neuropsychological assessment and how these can be applied in clinical practice. The conference faculty includes renowned authorities in conceptualization of the assessment process, development of new assessment tools, and ways in which these tools contribute to clinical management.

Assessment domains addressed by the speakers will include infant and toddler development, IQ and nonverbal skills, executive function, language and academic achievement, memory, sensorimotor skills, effort, and social-emotional functioning. New developments in assessment of pediatric concussion, screening of high-risk populations, and application of neuroimaging to clinical decision-making will also be covered. Speakers will describe recent advances and provide insights into assessment approaches applicable to a variety of clinical populations.

Emphasis will be placed on test development and psychometric properties, clinical interpretations, and the utility of assessments in identifying clinical disorders and making practical recommendations to families, schools, and referral sources. The conference will showcase the ways in which innovations in neuropsychological assessment can enrich clinical practice and improve understanding of children’s neuropsychological profiles. 

Target Audience

This conference is intended for neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, school psychologists, speech therapists, learning specialists, educators, psychiatrists, neurologists, and other interested health care professionals.


At the conclusion of this activity participants should be able to:

  • Provide updates on recent developments in assessment of infant and toddler development, IQ and nonverbal abilities, executive function, language and academic achievement, memory, sensorimotor skills, and socio-emotional functioning.
  • Outline strategies to assess effort in children of different ages.
  • Describe innovations in assessment of pediatric concussion.
  • Present new approaches for screening and tiered assessment of high-risk pediatric populations.
  • Review advances in neuroimaging and their applicability in clinical decision-making.
  • Offer insights into the process of test development.
  • Describe how new or updated assessments can be in used in clinical practice and ways to interpret and communicate findings to families, schools, and referral sources.

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