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This conference will examine how methods from developmental neuroscience can be applied to advance understanding and management of children with neurodevelopmental and acquired brain disorders. New research advances and insights into neuropsychological and functional consequences of pediatric conditions ranging from reading and mathematics disabilities, social difficulties, ADHD, preterm birth, cancer, epilepsy, congenital heart disease, and adolescent cannabinoid use, will be presented.

Critical updates on neuropsychological assessment of preschoolers and clinical applications of neuroimaging methods will also be provided and emphasis will be placed on the importance of interdisciplinary collaborations of neuropsychologists with other health professionals and neuroscientists as the most fruitful means for advancing our understanding of brain-behavior relationships and clinical management of brain-related disorders. The conference will also showcase ways that neuroscience methods can enrich and inform us about the neural and cognitive foundations of these disorders and suggest ways to improve clinical assessment and management.

Conference faculty will include renowned authorities in research and clinical practice who use neuroimaging, genetic, or neuropsychological approaches in their practice. These content experts will discuss assessment to explore the biological basis of disorders and associated problems in learning and behavior, identify individual differences in outcomes, and assess treatment effects.

Target Audience

This conference is intended for neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, school psychologists, speech therapists, learning specialists, educators, psychiatrists, neurologists, and other interested health care professionals.


At the conclusion of this activity participants should be able to:

  • Describe ways in which the methods of developmental neuroscience have contributed to understanding and management of neurodevelopmental and acquired brain disorders in children.
  • Assess neuropsychological profiles of children with several types of neurodevelopmental and acquired brain disorders and effects of cannabinoids on the adolescent brain.
  • Summarize recent advances in neuropsychological assessment of preschoolers.
  • Examine neural and behavioral development in children with brain-related conditions.
  • Discuss how developmental neuroscience and interdisciplinary collaborations may help to optimize outcomes and lead to more effective interventions.
  • Summarize technical advances in neuroimaging and study of neural networks and their applications in identifying at-risk children and assessing and managing clinical disorders.
  • Outline directions for future applications of neuroscience to children with brain-related conditions.

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