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Perinatology Symposium 10/26/12
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8:00-8:10 Welcome and Introduction
Douglas Woelkers, MD and Frann Teplick, MSN, RN-BC

Session I – Prenatal Diagnosis

8:10-8:35 1st Tri Ultrasound
Lorine Romine, MD
8:35-9:00 Cell Free Fetal DNA vs. Sequential Screen
Andrew Hull, MD
9:00-9:25 Basic Fetal Echocardiagraphy
Maryam Tarsa, MD
9:25-9:50 Common Questions in Carrier Screening:  CF, Thalassemia and Jewish Ancestry
Lauren Korty
9:50-10:00 Panel Discussion
10:00-10:20 Break

Session II – Medical Management

10:20-10:50 GDM: Guidelines for Screening and Treating
Gladys (Sandy) Ramos, MD
10:50-11:20 Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy
Thomas Kelly, MD
11:20-11:50 Overcoming Barriers to Flu Vaccination in Pregnancy
Christina Chambers, MD
11:50-12:00 Panel Discussion
12:00-13:15 Lunch

Session III – Labor and Delivery

13:15-13:40 How Much is Too Much: Evidence Based Management of Protracted Labor
Stephen Hebert, MD
13:40-14:05 Placenta Accreta: Diagnosis and Management
Robert Resnik, MD
14:05-14:30 New Non Invasive Modalities for Monitoring CV System in Pregnancy
Thomas Archer, MD
14:30-14:55 Decreasing your Risk in Labor and Delivery
Gary Vilke, MD
14:55-15:05 Panel Discussion
15:05-15:25 Break

Session IV – Neonatal & Postpartum

15:25-15:55 Dos and Don'ts of Early Breastfeeding Support
Lisa Stellwagen, MD
15:55-16:25 Vitamin K: Clearing the Controversy
Eustratia Hubbard, MD
16:25-16:55 Counseling and Coping after Traumatic Birth Experience
Kathryn Hirst, MD
16:55-17:05 Panel Discussion
17:05-17:15 Wrap Up
Douglas Woelkers, MD and Frann Teplick, MSN, RN-BC