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The Diana Padelford Binkley Foundation (“The Diana Foundation”) was established in 2004 as a 501(c)3 charitable institution in memory of Diana Binkley.  Diana was a yoga and vedic chanting instructor at the North County Yoga Center in Solana Beach, California.  She used alternative medicine, including herbal remedies and acupuncture, and when required, western prescription medicines for treating illness.  The Foundation was established to help facilitate dialogue between western physicians and alternative medicine practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment and management of pain in women.  Diana died in August 2003 following adverse side effects of a treatment of high dosage steroids prescribed for lower back pain caused by a herniated, lumbar 5 disc.  High dosage steroid treatments can induce neuropsychiatric impairments in one out of five patients who exhibit no prior existing mood disorder with a range of symptoms from impaired cognition to depression, mania and psychosis.  In a full 3% of affected cases, steroid psychosis leads to suicide in patients with no prior history of suicidal behavior.  The Foundation was created in response to Diana’s steroid psychosis and resultant suicide and serves the medical and patient community providing information to physicians, homeopathic practitioners, and to patients and their families on pain management in women.  The Foundation has underwritten research 1) on the incidence of steroid-induced psychosis, and 2) on gender bias in clinical trials for new prescription medications conducted by pharmaceutical companies seeking FDA approval, and how women’s health may be adversely affected.  Papers are available at www.dianafoundation.com.  In addition, the Foundation is co-sponsoring an inaugural conference on “Pain Management in Women Over the Life Cycle,” April 27-29, 2006, in San Diego, California.  The conference is sponsored by the University of California, San Diego Continuing Medical Education, the UCSD Medical School Department of Psychiatry, and the San Diego Center for Pain and Palliative Care and will feature speakers from both western and alternative/integrated medicine disciplines.

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