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The Topics & Advances in Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine course will provide a solid foundation of the biology that underlies lung cancer and sleep disorders. Discussions regarding epidemiology, new tools, staging and keys to treatment decisions will be highlighted by leading experts in the field. In addition, we will focus on particular areas of special interest including how to use genetic testing, approaches to pain management in lung cancer and the management of sleep disorders in patients with obesity.

Target Audience

This conference is specifically designed for medical professionals who are interested in pulmonary diseases and sleep medicine, including internal medicine practitioners as well as physicians specialists. The needs and special interest of nurses and technicians will also be addressed.

Program Objectives

Didactic Objectives

At the conclusion of the didactic sessions, participants should be able to:

  • Interpret the newest guidelines for lung cancer screening
  • Discuss and apply the newest diagnostic techniques in patients with suspected lung cancer
  • Recognize and treat sleep disordered breathing
  • Implement new strategies to combat the effects of obesity on health and disease

Workshop Objectives

At the conclusion of the workshops, participants should be able to:

Options for CPAP Treatment:

  • Explain and describe the indications and contraindications for CPAP therapy
  • List treatment options for sleep disordered breathing

Meet the Professor – Sleep Medicine:

  • Review the link between sleep disorders and health
  • Recognize indications for therapy

Meet the Professor – Pain Management

  • Recognize the impact of chronic pain
  • Explore the pharmacologic options available for treatment

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