Dear Colleague,

Thirty-six years ago, Superficial Anatomy and Cutaneous Surgery was conceived as a course which would be beneficial to dermatologists, dermatologic surgeons and other physicians.

This cutting edge program is designed to provide the basic principles of superficial head and neck anatomy and surgery for those interested in dermatological surgery. Each participant will utilize fresh cadaver material for superficial head & neck dissection. Lectures will be used for initial instruction and will be followed by ample time in the laboratory.

In addition, the course will focus on local skin flaps and grafts as they pertain to the cutaneous surgeon. Small group workshops will give participants an opportunity to problem solve with the outstanding faculty we have assembled.

2019 Highlights Include:

  • Optional evening workshop sessions at the hotel with selected faculty
  • Extensive hands-on cadaver laboratory time
  • Laboratory manuals with diagrams and daily goals for each lab
  • Botulinum toxin current status
  • Updated resurfacing techniques

Registration will be limited to ensure an optimal learning experience. Due to the ever-increasing demand for fresh cadaver material, this course may not be allocated the requested number of specimens, in which case the number of participants would decrease.

We look forward to seeing you in August!

Hubert T. Greenway, Jr., MD


At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the principles of superficial head and neck anatomy
  • Review the principles of construction via local skin flaps
  • Demonstrate full thickness and split thickness skin grafts
  • Illustrate the anatomic principles and reconstruction of specific body units (e.g. ear, nose, foot, hand, etc.)
  • Examine indications and treatment of photo damaged skin, including chemical peels, dermabrasion and topical therapies

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