RSS Activity Tools for Planners & Coordinators


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Planning Tools and Instructions
RSS End of Year Reporting Requirements for FY 2015-2016
RSS Educational Planning Tool
RSS Coordinator Training: Slide Presentation Handout
CME RSS Activity Application Sample
RSS Financial Closeout Template
Disclosure Information
Disclosure Form (paper) (online)
RSS Disclosure Review Form
RSS Disclosure Summary Form
Conflict of Interest Policy
Commercial Support Information
ACCME Standards for Commercial Support
UC San Diego CME Policy on Commercial Support
UC San Diego Letter of Agreement
Vendor Relations Information
UC San Diego Vendor Relations Policy
UC San Diego Vendor Relations Policy Q & A
Marketing Information
RSS Requirements for Save-the-Date Emails, Website and Flyers
Sheets
RSS Sign-In Sheet
RSS Evaluation Form
RSS Evaluation Tabulation
RSS Certificate Physician
RSS Certificate Non-Physician
ACCME Updated Criteria
IOM and ACGME Core Competencies
American Medical Association’s Code of Ethics Core Competencies
HIPAA Policy
HIPAA Release Form